Body massages

Hot Shea Spa

This “cocooning” massage combines the properties of organic shea butter with the essential oils specific to each composition Zen, Chi or Thalassa. Its fluid and enveloping maneuvers provide quick relief of mental and physical fatigue. This very comforting massage ensures a “return to oneself”.

Pink Harmony: exclusive treatment for women

The “Rose Therapy” uses the jewel of aromatherapy: the Bulgarian Rose Absolute. An oil with a unique aroma. Rose oil combined with the strength of pink quartz, Dien Cham’s Vietnamese fascial reflexology, polygon lines and plantar reflexology create a feeling of harmony. This massage is particularly recommended in transition periods (baby-blues, menopause …), separation, mourning or depression.

Hindu Essential Massage

From Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine (ayus, life, veda, science or knowledge), this hot oil massage personalized according to your dominant dosha, Pitta, Kapha or Vata, allows the elimination of negative energies so to recharge your body and your mind in positive.

Hot Stones massage

This massage, originating from Oceania, uses volcanic stones of black basalts previously heated. It dissolves deeply the nervous and muscular tensions. It promotes a great letting go and absolute relaxation.

Swedish massage

This invigorating massage promotes muscle relaxation and reduces muscle fatigue. It can prepare the body for sports activity or contribute to better recovery after exercise. Smoothing, kneading, vibration, stretching, friction are the main maneuvers of this massage.

Prenatal massage (from the 4th month of pregnancy)

This gentle and enveloping massage, adapted to the evolution of your pregnancy, has a benevolent role. Maneuvers will target the most stressed areas (back, legs, pelvis, feet) to increase the secretion of melatonin for a better sleep and develop the hormones of well-being. It improves respiratory capacity, stimulates circulatory systems and reduces anxiety.

Massages by zone

Indian face Massage

Real care ” brightness “, this massage is part of the Ayurvedic tradition. It allows both to relax all the muscles of the face and to tonify the skin. At the end of the session, you are rested and your complexion is shining !

Back massage

This massage aims to relieve back or back pain and release muscle tissue tensions. It consists of progressive and varied maneuvers (effleurages, kneading, stretching, friction) from the base of the back to the shoulders and the neck.

Hand massage

From the forearm inside the palm of the hand, This massage consists of relaxing the whole muscle mass by the alternation of slight frictions, pressure and light stretching.

Foot massage

This massage begins with slight friction on the half leg in order to gradually relax the tensions of the Foot. It continues on the foot and on the arch by a set of maneuvers composed of kneading, pressure and stretching.