“Corps, my old friend, we will perish together. How can I not love you, form to whom I look like, since it is in your arms that I embrace the universe? “


I welcome you to the Villa d’Angély to “live a massage” well-being and relaxation. The massages that I propose result from a personalized and innovative approach often combining “sensory experience” with aromatherapy. The connection between the masseur and the massager will allow a touch all the more benevolent and adapted.

They are addressed to all and are adapted to everyone. I pledge to respect your physical and moral integrity, to respect strict confidentiality, to guarantee optimal performance, not to make a medical diagnosis and not to interrupt or modify a treatment in progress.

The benefits of massages:

– Release the stress
– Dissolve physical and emotional tensions
– Release the muscles
– Refocus on oneself
– Improve the quality of the skin
– Stimulate energy and regenerate it
– To provide a better self-esteem, a better perception of one’s body and oneself

Contraindications to non-therapeutic massages:

– Phlebitis
– Surgical intervention – 3 months
– Multiple sclerosis
– Acute Crisis of sciatica, fever, lumbago …